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We are a trustworthy China Mould Manufacturer and Plastic Injection Mould Maker, providing cost-effective China plastic injection molding solutions, both hot runner and cold runner mould making, as well as custom molded parts mass production.

Recently, our company have developed several series of ready products:Food-grade 100% BPA & phthalate free Silicone and Rubber Products and universal international standard CE Rohs approved outdoor plastic IP66 rated dust splash proof waterproof enclosures, electrical distribution boxes and electronic junction boxes. They provide provide superior moisture and UV protection for sensitive electronics, with airtight seals inside, in UV resistant ABS material. We have ready molds for the production for all sizes from 65x50x55MM to 380x190x130MM. We are also able to custom produce your own design as per 3D files or samples.

We deliver the highest level of quality available, and service all major markets including (but not limited to) electronics, consumer, traffic products, medical, and automotive, etc. We design and manufacture plastic parts from the initial concept to final production, both low volume and high volume mass production. 

Learn more about our capabilities, and then let us know how we can help on your next project. Shoot us a call or send us an email!




Are you looking for low cost China plastic injection mold and molding factory/company? China bridge tooling for short run/low volume is a cost effective way for new projects or start-up companies. When it comes to a success, high quality production moud with long mold life for high volume plastic parts manufacturing is a neccessary.
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